Organization working in sector of child labor.
Only formal education is not sufficient for children. Everyone needs some extra skill to find a job. We are planning to provide children with skill trainings after completing the school level education. In order to fulfill this purpose, when we can collect funds, TCWC itself will launch the programs such as computer course/ automobile training/ sewing/ plumbing/ handicraft /building construction/carpentry /pottery etc.

Any organization or individual are welcome to participate to organize job oriented skill training to our children.

Some of child need to help to raise their study, because some of them from very poor families. So if you want to sponsor a child to support their study and accommodation, you are welcome to TCWC. Now we have few children at orphan home and if you really want to support us or sponsor a child we may increase the quota for children. Around our society we have seen so many children who are orphan and they need support for their study. So please contact us if you are interested to help the children.

Contact Address:-

P.O.Box No. 9949
Kapan-3, Kathmandu, Nepal

phone no. 012297416
mobile no. +977 9843773825