The Tamang & Children Welfare Center (TCWC) is committed to helping poor families with children and orphans by providing assistance during this difficult time. TCWC is a private, non-profit, group that was established in 2007 with the District Administrative Office of the Nepal Ministry of Home Affairs (Registration # 548). It is also registered with the Nepal Department of Internal Revenue in the Ministry of Finance. [Permanent Account Number Registration Certificate (PAN) # 304309274].


Nepal has an agriculturally based economy and it is estimated that 75% of the population is dependent on this industry for employment. Traditionally the workforce has included not only adults but also children limiting the educational opportunities for youth in this culture. TCWC would like change that culture by educating the parents about the importance of education for their children’s future.

The agricultural industry in Nepal is also antiquated compared to methods used in other developed countries. Through education and assistance, TCWC hopes to promote more efficient agricultural methods and industry standards.

There has been limited growth in special education programs that would assist young people to find employment in areas such as the tourist or agricultural industries. The Tamang and Children Welfare Center was organized to help children obtain this special education through counseling and exposure to other cultural perspectives.

The main purpose of TCWC is to help all poor, oppressed or orphaned children in remote mountainous areas obtain an education that will allow them to improve their economic situation and find employment, whether they stay in their remote village, move to a more developed area like Kathmandu or emigrate abroad. This support would include new curriculum counseling and providing schools with up to date educational materials.