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In Nepal, many young people and families from remote villages now live in Kathmandu. They come here seeking employment and a way to support their families, however, most are relatively uneducated and lack any type of job training. Some have found jobs in tourism and agriculture, but many others are unemployed and in need of assistance.

These families experience many difficult problems because of the limited resources available in Kathmandu, especially since the recent earthquake. There are thousands of families with children who do not have adequate shelter or food. The public school system is not capable of providing even basic education for the children.

Many poor young people in Nepal of the Tamang ethnic population living in remote areas or more developed areas like Kathmandu have been deprived of an adequate education to improve their economic situation. The Government of Nepal has been unable to support these programs and the recent catastrophic earthquake has made this situation even more serious as many lives were lost and many homes and other buildings like schools were damaged or destroyed.

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Child Rearing and Education in Nepal

Mothers are the primary providers of child care, but children also are cared for and socialized by older siblings, cousins, and grandparents. Often children as young as five or six mind younger children. Neighbors are entitled to cuddle, instruct, and discipline children, who are in turn expected to obey and defer to senior members of […]